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If you love gastronomy and delicious, healthy foods, you are sure to know that the most essential conditions to ensure perfect tastes are the following: using only fresh, high quality raw materials; expertise; passion; experience and sincerity.
The Pödör products show no compromise in any of these.

The main tenets of our work philosophy are responsibility, simplicity and sincerity. We acquire only the best raw materials from areas that they have long been native to. We prepare our products by carrying on the traditions of manual labor, in a continuous and natural way so as to be able to put on your table products that are always fresh and rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Pödör oils and vinegars are special because they are made only from 100% pure, top quality raw materials, cleaned with utter thoroughness and with the traditional time-consuming, manual labor and expertise of the most experienced press masters. The products you can get from us are freshly pressed throughout the year, and find their way into the bottle
only after the strictest quality control.

It is undisputable and scientifically proven that cold pressed seed oils, which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, have beneficial effects on our health, looks and the way we feel – but only if we use 100% pure, unfiltered, unrefined and strictly controlled oils, which is always the case with the Pödör products.
Why Pödör?
Strict quality assurance
Strict production and quality assurance


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Recipes and tips from professionals
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© Pödör premium oils & vinegars
100% natural products. Strict quality assurance.
Produced without any additives, it does not contain any artificial aromas, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
The batch number on the label shows the strict traceability of the brand's quality.

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