Thomas Bühner

Three stars for PÖDÖR

Thomas Bühner is the brand ambassador

PÖDÖR is reaching for the stars: The producer of premium oils and vinegars has announced its cooperation with Thomas Bühner, 3-star chef and head of the renowned gourmet restaurant “la vie” in Osnabrück.

“We are very pleased and immensely proud to have found our ideal brand ambassador in Thomas Bühner, an exceptional chef who fits in perfectly with our company”, says Szilvia Magony of Pödör USA Inc. “His philosophy and his goal of always achieving uncompromising quality are completely in synch with the basic principles that determine the high standards of our products.”

Thomas Bühner has been one of Germany’s top chefs for over 20 years and has been awarded three Michelin stars. Starting in October 2017, as PÖDÖR’s brand ambassador he will personally stand for the top-notch quality of the oils and vinegars that are produced by this family-run supplier of premium products.

The 3-star chef and ‘Grand Chef’ with Relais & Châteaux follows a philosophy with three essential dimensions: the natural flavour of each individual product, preparation of his dishes and the extensive range of his cuisine. All three dimensions are united in the end result: culinary masterpieces that can only achieve their ultimate perfection in a sensuous dramaturgy of all components. “The first dimension, the basis of my philosophy, constitutes the clear and pure flavour of each dish,” explains Thomas Bühner. “It is precisely at this point where PÖDÖR is the perfect partner. The oils and vinegars they produce have an authentic and intensive flavour, they are unrefined, pure and made from the best quality ingredients. With PÖDÖR I sense the passion for the product, the highest quality standard and consistent quality that can only be achieved with the experience gained over many years of tradition.”

With Thomas Bühner as our brand ambassador, PÖDÖR will kick off a new chapter in its quest to achieve the highest level of culinary enjoyment. “Our aim is to work together with Thomas Bühner and go one step further towards our tenets of premium quality, exclusivity and culinary diversity”, says Szilvia Magony. “We look forward to a sharing of inspiration and successful cooperation in the interest of top quality gastronomy”.


A family-run business, PÖDÖR has been developing and producing premium oils and vinegars since its founding in 2011. The PÖDÖR press master is a co-founder of the company, and has been producing cold pressed seed oils for four generations now. So PÖDÖR can draw on more than 100 years of experience in the production of the highest quality oils, to develop products that are in line with the zeitgeist of today’s discerning consumers. PÖDÖR operates in more than 10 countries worldwide, including England, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. PÖDÖR is a rapidly growing international premium brand and currently exports over 90 percent of its production.

PÖDÖR – the best from the seed: Only thoroughly cleaned, 100% natural top quality raw materials are hand-pressed by the most experienced press masters. All products are bottled only after the strictest quality control, in order to preserve the healthy, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. The product range currently encompasses 27 cold pressed premium oils, most of which are certified organic, as well as more than 20 different fruit and balsamic vinegars. PÖDÖR supplies the international gourmet cuisine market, including many star chefs, as well as premium retail food outlets. All products can be bought in select specialty shops and in the company’s own online shop.

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The brand ambassador of PÖDÖR, 3-star chef Thomas Bühner during Chefsache 2017

PÖDÖR brand ambassador: Thomas Bühner, 3-star chef of the „la vie“ restaurant in Osnabrück

PÖDÖR brand ambassador: Thomas Bühner, 3-star chef of the „la vie“ restaurant in Osnabrück

Thomas Bühner and András Wolf

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