Organic beauty oil for sensitive skin


Intensely nourishing, rich oil with 100% natural ingredients developed especially for the needs of sensitive skin

  • well tolerated by the skin
  • anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
  • rebuilds and fortifies the barrier layer
  • reduces skin irritation
  • enhances skin’s natural defence mechanisms
  • regenerates skin and reduces wound healing disorders
  • provides comfort for skin tightness
  • reduces itchiness
  • easily and deeply absorbed
  • antioxidant: binds skin-damaging free radicals
  • optimizes cell metabolism
  • softening, emollient properties
  • deeply moisturizes all layers of the skin
  • delays the appearance of signs of aging 
  • the characteristic scent of its natural ingredients does not linger after absorption
  • free from any additional scents to prevent allergic reactions
  • free from preservatives, artificial coloring and other additives
  • vegan and water-free 
Free of any artificial preservatives Free of artificial flavors Free of any malt extract
Gluten-free Lactose Free Vegan
1 fl. oz.
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