Local Online System is Pödör’s latest customer-oriented ordering and information service innovation. The system connects you, our Local Online Partner with all registered Pödör Club Members, Business Customers and other Local Online Partners and also provides access to our online shop. Becoming a partner of Pödör Premium Oils and Delicatessen will bring financial stability to your existing or soon-to-be-realized business. And who doesn’t want to be successful?

Our partnership can be very beneficial to you If you want to grow your business without having to make additional capital investment.

Pödör provides you the opportunity to realize your dreams without financial risk or considerable investment. With your already existing or recently founded company, store or studio, you can join Pödör as a Local Online Partner and run your very own virtual Delicatessen!


  • Manage your own virtual delicatessen – customers can browse through more than 300 premium quality Pödör delicacies and order them according to their needs
  • Earn commission from your customers’ online purchases
  • Strengthen your business by establishing your online presence
  • Earn even more by joining our PICKUP Service  
  • No minimum order
  • No investment needed
  • No need to rent an expensive store and storage space or pay for logistics and employment
  • No financial risk or considerable investment
  • More customers
  • More new clients
  • Free product samples
  • Free marketing materials (flyers and posters)
  • Top quality products, most of them 100% USDA certified organic
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Premium products – wholesale prices
  • Up to 38% profit margin in our entire premium range
  • Up to 20% commission after the net value of purchases made by YOUR registered Club Members, Business Partners and Local Online Partners
  • PICKUP Service option
  • Up to 20% commission after the net value of purchases ordered to be shipped to your PICKUP point for all registered Pödör Local Online System Club Members
  • Monthly newsletter with exclusive Local Online Partner offers and special recipes
  • Being a successful business for 9 years, the Pödör brand guarantees satisfaction and stability 


  • Invite and register Club Members  
  • Invite and register Business Customers and Pödör Local Online Partners  
  • Choose the PICKUP Service option  
  • Your personal page in the Pödör Local Online Partner System  
  • Earn commission after your monthly turnover  
  • Enjoy our support team’s continuous help
  • njoy the free online support provided in our members-only website alongside with real-time access to sales data and online purchases of your registered clients

By registering as a Pödör Local Online Partner you do not take any risks or obligations. No sales expectation or purchase obligation. 

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What we offer

Choose from over 300 Pödör brand products!
Pödör Business Customer Registration offers exclusive money-saving options and shipping benefits for registered business members. Anyone with a business-user account can purchase via on an exclusive wholesale price.

No risk, no minimum orders!


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Are you a lover of gastronomy and healthy, good foods?

Then you know for sure that the most essential conditions to ensure perfect tastes are the following: using only fresh, high quality raw materials; expertise; passion; experience and sincerity. The 100 % Austrian-made Pödör oils show no compromise in any of these. The main tenets of our work philosophy are responsibility, simplicity and sincerity. We acquire only the best raw materials from areas that they have long been native to.

Pödör oils and vinegars are special because they are made only from 100% pure, top quality raw materials, cleaned with utter thoroughness and with the traditional time-consuming, manual labor and expertise of the most experienced press masters. The products you can get from us are freshly pressed throughout the year, and find their way into the bottle only after the strictest quality control.

Free product samples
Free tasting sample at your first purchase