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Premium Oils from Pödör: the home of Aroma

There are oils for salads, oils for refining the taste of a dish and oils for cosmetic applications. Then there are oils from Pödör! The combination of decades of experience, the best raw materials and a passion for excellent products make these cold-pressed oils pure indulgence both for culinary experiments and dabbling in natural cosmetics. They can be used for cooking hearty or sweet dishes for example or for home-made creams.

To put it in a nutshell you can use the cold-pressed oils for just about everything. That is why Pödör supplies a wide range of 26 oils which have, above all, one thing in common and that is their quality. While products from Pödör have always been gently processed, they are neither refined nor do they contain any additives. Many of these oils are of organic origin, not to mention that they are 100% single-origin which makes the flavour even more intensive.

Because cold-pressed makes all the difference

26 various oils from kernels, seeds and nuts

Whoever has tried cold-pressed vegetable oils will never again resort to refined versions. Cold-pressed oils are a sensual experience – they caress the nose and the palate as well as enchanting the eye with their clear colours. The unaltered taste of the seeds, kernels and nuts is captured in the Pödör oils.

Gentle cold-pressing is a process that has been known of and used for centuries. At Pödör this good tradition has been passed on and instructed for decades. So as to retain the ingredients and the aromas to the greatest extent possible the raw materials are only slightly warmed before they are pressed. At pressing the oil from olives, linseeds and other raw materials is extracted and filled unfiltered into containers. This is the way to ensure that all the important contents of the oils are retained until they settle. The result: Oils that make the difference – in taste, aroma, look and of course effect.

Only cold-pressed oils, also termed “native”, like the ones offered by Pödör contain essential fatty acids.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are part of the process in the formation of cell membrane and they also control many other vital processes in the human organism. Because the body cannot produce these fatty acids itself they have to be introduced into the body by way of nutrition. There is hardly a more convenient way to provide the body with the required daily dose than with an aromatic linseed oil or some chia oil.

Yes, they do exist. The oils for every taste! From A for Apricot Kernel Oil to Z for Zweigelt-Grapeseed Oil Pödör has the perfect oil for every taste and all purposes. Each oil has its own character, many advantages and applications. At Pödör we continually keep our eyes open on the lookout for new sorts of oils and new, creative recipes. That is why at Pödör you can find the delightful choice of 26 oils which have been cold-pressed from kernels, seeds and nuts – many of them in organic quality!

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How to use cold-pressed oils from Pödör

Of this we are sure: Sooner or later you will catch yourself enjoying licking some drops of cold-pressed oil from your fingers. You can be sure however, that you are not the only one! The high-quality oils from Pödör are so good that it would be a shame to use them for frying. They rather taste better in their pure, unadulterated form dripped over pasta or risotto or used in smoothies as a natural vitamin transporter.

Or in sinfully sweet cakes and desserts and of course as an ingredient in tasty salad dressings for every type of crudité imaginable. Did you know that broccoli and Walnut Oil go especially well together? Or that the taste of asparagus intensifies with a touch of Chia Oil? Allow yourself to be convinced by the innumerable culinary applications in the recipe finder!

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