White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar

The grapey vinegar for everyone

Many years of experience in making vinegar, exclusively high quality ingredients and the maturing process in wooden casks make the white wine vinegar from Pödör so unique in taste. Thanks to their great expertise it is easy for Pödör to trap the fruity taste of the best grapes in a bottle and make it long-life. Without any artificial preservatives or aromas and in guaranteed high quality. In opposition to its big brother, red wine vinegar that boosts the aroma of other ingredients, white wine vinegar allows the flavor of other ingredients to unfold and come to the fore.

Before this tasty white wine vinegar from Pödör is filled into bottles and sold it matures in wooden casks. During the maturing process the typical balanced aroma of delicious, fruity grapes develops to its full extent. Before its final filling into bottles this delicious white wine vinegar undergoes a filtration process which removes its natural suspended solids. Subsequent pasteurization ensures a long shelf life when it is stored in a dark place.


White wine vinegar

Average nutrition value

100 g contain on average:

Energia82kJ /20kcal


Saturated fatty acids0g







The vinegar should be stored in a place protected from light, sealed hermetically. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is natural, not a sign of poor quality.

An unfiltered, undiluted fruit vinegar, so shake it before use!

Country of origin: Austria

Uses for white wine vinegar

Not too sweet and not too acidic – the white wine vinegar made by Pödör from high quality white grapes convinces with its pleasantly spicy taste. It enables flavors from other ingredients to explode and therefore is ideally suited for fine salads or for marinating fine fruits such as avocados.

In ancient times white wine vinegar was often used as a natural preservative due to its acid content. Diced or sliced vegetables take on a pleasant, slightly sour aroma when preserved simply in white wine vinegar and stored in a cool place. White wine vinegar from Pödör harmonizes wonderfully with mild olive oil. Our tip: Mix up a marinade for your next roast meal with a little white wine vinegar and allow the meat to rest in the marinade overnight in the refrigerator. The white wine vinegar adds extra flavor to the meat and tenderizes it.

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