Blackcurrant vinegar

Blackcurrant vinegar

Piquant fruit in the form of a vinegar

For sure it was your search for something extraordinary that brought you to Pödör and to blackcurrant vinegar. We can tell you a secret: you need to look no further because with fruit vinegars from Pödör you have found what you were looking for. Only the finest blackcurrants or Cassis, make their way into Pödör bottles. Between the harvest and your crispy salad with Pödör dressing there are many production steps and quality inspections for the selected fruit.

Blackcurrant vinegar is matured in wooden casks which are continually controlled for their oxygen content and temperature. The production of vinegar has always been a craft which required much patience and experience. These characteristcs are an integral part of Pödör. Only with them can the exquisite flavor be carried over into the vinegar. Drop for drop this vinegar is purely natural without any flavoring agents or preservatives.


Blackcurrant vinegar

Average nutrition value

100 g contain on average:

Energia51kJ /12kcal


Saturated fatty acids0g







The vinegar should be stored in a place protected from light, sealed hermetically. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is natural, not a sign of poor quality.

An unfiltered, undiluted fruit vinegar, so shake it before use!

Country of origin: Austria

Uses for blackcurrant vinegar

A fine drop dressed in dark red. Blackcurrant vinegar will equally charm the eye, nose and palate. In blackcurrant vinegar the aromas of various fruit acids come together which give it its unmistakable flavor. Especially noteworthy is its mild acidity which will be a joy to sensitive gourmets. Blackcurrant vinegar is delicious on fresh, leafy salads in summer and harmonizes well with grape seed or hazelnut oil. Speaking of summer a drop of this berry vinegar in cool fruit teas, juices or mineral water is a wonderful thirst quencher on hot days! Gourmets cook blackcurrant vinegar in dark sauces for game dishes or other red meat. Sheer poetry with venison, partridge, hare or pheasant! Whoever would like to experiment somewhat drips some blackcurrant vinegar over fruit salad, Panna Cotta or vanilla ice cream.

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