Pödör offered a delight for all senses at the Zurheide Gourmet Festival 2018

On September 16th, 2018 it was distinguished, 3 Michelin-star master chef Thomas Bühner who represented PÖDÖR at the Zurheide Gourmet Festival.  The festival of the famous Dusseldorf „experience store” – with its tickets sold out within a month – offered for its 1500 guests the best of culinary delights, provided by a host of Michelin star chefs and master chefs as well as by its various gourmet partners.

Thomas Bühner, PÖDÖR’s brand ambassador prepared one of his classics, awaiting his guests with a gazpacho made from fermented beetroot. The beetroot itself came from the garden of the Ippenburg castle, and was fermented in a wine cellar for three weeks prior to preparation. At the festival, Thomas Bühner crowned his delicious gazpacho with pistachio oil freshly pressed at the PÖDÖR stand.


Freshly pressed oil – a great culinary moment

Thomas Bühner enthused about the experience of testing the freshly pressed oil, calling it an „incredible culinary moment”. And the guests of the 2018 Zurheide Gourmet Festival were offered the privilege of following in the footsteps of the master chef: they could taste and smell the intensive flavor of the oils freshly pressed at PÖDÖR’s stand. More than that, they could also enjoy a live demonstration of the pressing procedure, thanks to the mobile piston press machine developed by PÖDÖR for the specific purpose of explaining and presenting the key to success in the production of top quality culinary oils.


Traditional production method and uncompromising quality awareness

For the pressing of its oils, PÖDÖR uses seeds that come exclusively from traditional soils. PÖDÖR’S experienced press masters combine the latest technologies with their knowledge based on more than a 100 years’ experience of oil production.   PÖDÖR oils are unfiltered, unrefined and are prepared without any additives or aromas.

In the Zurheide Feine Kost store, PÖDÖR was represented by its full range of products, offering 40 different kinds of cold-pressed oils as well as various fruit vinegars and balsamic vinegars, in bottle sizes ranging from 100ml to 500 ml.


Experience shopping in the Zurheide Feine Kost store

Have you missed the Gourmet Festival 2018? Do you wish to see a live presentation of how PÖDÖR’s oils are made? Check it out at the gourmet department of the Zurheide Feine Kost store located in the Crown House in Berliner Allee, where our mobile oil press is in operation several times a week. This oil press, which was developed specifically for mobile use, gives an enjoyable demonstration of the major steps of production leading to the final, excellent quality products. 

Demonstration times: every day through Thursday – Saturday, at 3, 5 and 7 pm, at the gourmet department on the ground floor.


The mobile press machine in operation at the Zurheide Gourmet Festival 2018, where guests could enjoy the experience with all their senses. Helga Wachtmeister, Pödör’s representative in Germany, is explaining about the major steps of production leading to the final, excellent quality products.

On the way towards an exceptional flavor experience: before getting pressed, the crushed pistachio is being slightly warmed up

Magnificent fragrance, bright green color – master chef Thomas Bühner is gazing with fascination at the freshly pressed pistachio oil

The freshly pressed, fragrant pistachio oil is splashed on master chef Thomas Bühner’s classic: the fermented beetroot soup

Master chef Thomas Bühner chatting with guests of the Zurheide Gourmet Festival 2018 and serving out the beetroot soup in glasses.

Crowds at PÖDÖR’s gourmet stand. 3 Michelin star chef Thomas Bühner is crowning his fermented beetroot soup with pistachio oil freshly pressed on the spot.

Dennis Riesen, master chef of the Pythagoras vegetarian restaurant, is also cooking with PÖDÖR’s premium oils and vinegars at the 2018 Zurheide Gourmet Festival, which hosted as many as 1500 guests. (on the left: Thomas Bühner and Helga Wachtmeister, representative of Pödör Germany.)

Helga Wachtmeister, representative of Pödör Germany and master chef Thomas Bühner clinking their glasses to celebrate the successful combination: freshness and the distinct flavors of each ingredient are the key for Thomas Bühner. The beetroot soup created specifically for the Gourmet Festival beautifully harmonized with Pödör’s pistachio oil.

A group photo of the Michelin star chefs and master chefs who provided the greatest possible culinary delights for the nearly 1500 guests at the 9th Zurheide Gourmet Festival.


Indulgence set for media partners

You would like to form your own opinion about the taste intensity and quality of PÖDÖR oils and vinegars? Then we would be pleased to provide you with an indulgence set for media partners. Please contact our press office. In a personal conversation we will be happy to advise you which products fit into your editorial thematic plan or are suitable for culinary and seasonal use. Recipe cards, photo material and tips from 3-star chef Thomas Bühner for everyday use are also part of the information material.

Order an individual indulgence set for media partners via our press office!


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