Apple vinegar, organic

The fruity refreshment of apples

There are many reasons why you should use apple vinegar more often. One reason for example is the fermentation of Pödör apple vinegar in natural wooden casks. Or that the vinegar is exclusively fermented from selected fresh apples, not to mention the many years of experience at Pödör.

Above all though, you should trust in the natural goodness and the taste of apple vinegar. Even Columbus had a couple of barrels on board the Santa Maria to ward off scurvy.

Apple vinegar, organic

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Apple vinegar

Average nutrition values

100 g contain on average:

Energy88kJ /20kcal


Saturated fatty acids0g






The vinegar should be stored in a place protected from light, sealed hermetically. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is natural, not a sign of poor quality.

An unfiltered, undiluted fruit vinegar, so shake it before use!

Country of origin: Germany