Pear smoothie with macadamia oil recipe

With fall coming, make sure you do not forget about regular vitamin intake. This delicious pear and avocado smoothie combined with some green salad  provides countless valuable nutrients and vitamins for the body. Plus, it is a real delicacy!

Vegetarian food
Wheat free
Egg free
Milk free
Soy free
Corn free
Sugar free
10 Min.



Peel the ripe, sweet pears and cut them into cubes.


Scrape the flesh of the soft avocado from its skin and cut it up as well.


Put all the ingredients in a hand mixer and blend them until completely smooth.


For shakes and smoothies use delicious, high-quality fruit balsamicos instead of lemon juice! Try this smoothie also with the pear balsamico velvet.

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portion unit: EUUSUK
7 oz
1 piece(s)
1 oz
lamb´s lettuce
10 ¼ fl oz
5 piece(s)
ice cubes


Vegetarian food Vegan Gluten-free Wheat free Egg free Milk free Soy free Corn free Sugar free

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