Caesar salad recipe with polenta crouton

Italians are not only famous for their Caesar salad but they are also big fans of polenta. In our recipe, this gourmet Caesar salad is served with cooked, chilled and then roasted polenta. The salad is gluten free with the polenta.

Wheat free
Soy free
Sugar free
165 Min.



Mix the egg yolks with the mustard. Add the pine seed oil by drops while stirring it continuously with a hand whisk.


When you have a thick sauce of creamy consistency, add the finely grated garlic, the vinegar and the chopped sardellas. Finally, add the 30 gs of grated parmesan cheese. Salt and pepper it according to taste.


Boil the water with some salt and a spoonful of corn grits. (This will prevent it from getting lumpy) Lower the heat and pour the rest of the corn grits into the bubbling water. As the polenta is getting thicker, it becomes harder and harder to stir. When it is done, take it off the fire. Finally, mix in the butter, too. 
Smoothen the hot porridge in a bowl cca 15x20 cm in size. Let it rest covered in a fridge for about 2 hours.


When it has cooled, cut it into pieces of 1,5-2 cm. Absorb the surplus liquid with a paper.


Brown the porridge cubes in hot oil for about  5-6 minutes, stirring them in the beginning so that they do not stick together.


Roast the pine seeds in an empty, hot pan before serving.
Separate the Romaine lettuce leaves, soak them in water and then absorb the moisture. Using a spoon or a brush, daub the leaves with the Caesar dressing. Before serving, add the croutons, sliver some parmesan cheese on the top and then sprinkle it with roasted pine seeds.


If you prefer your dressing more creamy, blend it in a kitchen chopper.

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unit: EUUSUK
100 g
Pine nut
1 piece(s)
romaine/cos lettuce
3 piece(s)
egg yolk
1 clove(s)
garlic, pressed
1 oz
parmesan cheese
3 piece(s)
anchovy fillets
4 ½ oz
corn grits
17 fl oz
1 tbs


Gluten-free Wheat free Soy free Sugar free

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