Chinese chicken salad with crispy wontons

Special occasions call for special dishes. This Chinese salad with roasted wontons is made even more special by a dressing prepared with cold pressed quality oils.

105 Min.



In a mixing bowl, prepare the dressing first. Mix the quince vinegar with the peanut oil and the sesame seed oil, the cane sugar, mustard, lemon juice and soy sauce. Taste it, and add salt and pepper according to taste. Cover the bowl with a foil and let it rest in the fridge until use.


Cool the chicken breasts cooked in chicken broth, and then slice them into thin strips.


In the heated rape seed oil, fry the wontons cut into strips of 1 cm in width. When they turn golden brown, after about 20-30 seconds, remove them carefully from the oil and absorb the excess oil on a paper towel.


Separate the leaves of the Romaine lettuce, rinse them over and then absorb the moisture on a paper towel. Cut the leaves into thin strips, moving the knife downwards, from the tip towards the stem, i.e. downwards. Cut the Chinese cabbage into thin strips. Roast the tiger-nuts and the sesame seeds plain, without oil, in separate skillets.


In a large bowl, mix the lettuce leaves with the roasted seeds, the ringed spring onions and the coriander leaves. Add the chicken strips and the dressing. Toss it all gently. Finally, place the roasted wontons on top, taking care that the strips do not crack.


After rinsing the lettuce leaves, make sure to wait until they get completely dry, or else the dressing will not stick to the leaves. Deep frozen wontons are available in Asian food stores.

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portion unit: EUUSUK
3 tbs
Sesame seed
2 tsp
soy sauce
1 tbs
lemon juice
2 piece(s)
chicken breast
1 piece(s)
Chinese cabbage
1 piece(s)
romaine/cos lettuce
10 piece(s)
3 ½ oz
3 ½ oz
coriander leaves
4 oz


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