Roasted duck leg with braised red cabbage

Red meats such as duck leg are wonderfully complemented with cabbage. In this recipe, it is the gourmet sour cherry balsamic vinegar and the luscious walnut oil that make the braised cabbage the highlight of the dinner table.

Wheat free
Egg free
Milk free
Soy free
Corn free
80 Min.



Clean the duck legs and then slash their skinny side at 3-4 places. Salt and pepper them and sprinkle them with thyme.


Place the spiced duck legs in an oven  bag, add  100 ml vegetable stock and 2 cloves of garlic Close the bag, punching 2-3 holes in each,  and then bake them in an oven at 180C for 60 minutes.


When it is done, brown the baked duck legs in an empty, coated skillet with their skinny side down.


Cut the purple onion into thin slices.


Use 600 g of the cabbage (make sure you remove the core first!). Cut it up and then into thin strips.


In a skillet, heat 2 spoons of rapeseed oil for frying, add the onion and the cabbage and pour water on it. Salt it and braise it until soft, stirring it continuously.


When it is half cooked, add the cranberries. Pour on some more water if necessary, to prevent the cabbage from getting burnt.


Finally, season your dish with the ground caraway, and add the cane sugar and the sour cherry balsamico. Braise it like this for 3-4 more minutes.


When the cabbage has cooled to 50-60 C, mix in the walnut oil.

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portion unit: EUUSUK
2 piece(s)
duck leg
17 ⅔ oz
red cabbage
2 ½ oz
purple onion
1 ⅞ oz
dried cranberries
2 clove(s)
3 ½ fl oz
chicken or vegetable broth
6 ⅞ fl oz
ground caraway
3 pinch


Wheat free Egg free Milk free Soy free Corn free

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