Su Vössing

Culinary artist


In 1991, Su Vössing was awarded a Michelin star, which made her the youngest Michelin star chef in Germany at the time.

The path leading to this distinction started in Münster, where she worked as Chef de Partie, i.e. section manager chef for Philippe Jorand, and continued in Paris, where she worked as Sous-chef, i.e. deputy chef for Jean-Michel Bouvier. It was Alain Senderens who recognized her extraordinarily fine feel for unadulterated flavors, and it took no longer than three weeks for her to get appointed Chef Saucier in Senderen’s famous three star restaurant, the Lucas Carton. Paris’s equally famous Brasserie La Coupole attracted clients to the best of culinary delights with as many as 800 dishes per shift.

After she returned to Germany, Ms. Vössing earned her Michelin star while working in the Le Marron restaurant, and then went on to create and serve the colorful and sophisticated dishes that are her signature in the La Société restaurant in Cologne. After this, she moved to the US, Florida, where she took the most of main chef at Café Europa, giving her all to bring back to the “New World” the flavors of the old home countries.

During and following these activities, Su Vössing kept proving her playful and straightforward spontaneity in the highly popular TV program “Kochduell”, from its start to its end (on Channel VOX).

The final, although rather brief stage of her culinary journey was the establishment of her own restaurant in Dusseldorf in 2003. Yet, it was not the end, as her career continued: she has written several recipe books, appeared in numerous television programs („Küchenschlacht” ZDF, WDR, 3SAT), hosted and anchored various live events and product demonstrations.

At present, Su Vössing is happy to share her wide range of knowledge with the public through all types of media. As an acknowledged and authentic figure of both the culinary and the media world, Su Vössing comes through with a very clear profile: her name is synonymous to healthy, delicious and unpretentious food.

Su is a sincere and uncompromising person, she avoids pompousness and has absolutely no need for hype.

Recipes from Su Vössing

Beef carpaccio with truffle pesto

Recipe by Su Vössing

Spare ribs with barbeque sauce

Recipe by Su Vössing

Tomato and bread salad with basil

Recipe by Su Vössing

Poached cod fish with gremolata

Recipe by Su Vössing

Panna cotta with raspberry caramel

Recipe by Su Vössing

Sesame seed risotto

Recipe by Su Vössing

Potato cakes with flaxseed oil

Recipe by Su Vössing

Chicken breast and pear chutney

Recipe by Su Vössing

Hazelnut-cottage cheese bread

Recipe by Su Vössing

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